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The Story Of Snowy Hydro

No description

michael frenchie

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Story Of Snowy Hydro

THE STORY OF KOSCIUSZKO By Michael French and Matt Magee

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme provides 74 percent of available renewable energy on the eastern mainland of Australia and 28 percent nationwide. This replaces 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gases that pollute the air each year. As the Hydro or water generated energy does not pollute the air, it is a part of the water cycle and is renewable. However it is easy to store and the water can be used several times as it passes through a series of power stations. Once the snow melts during spring, the benefits continue. The dams of the Snowy Mountains Scheme's dams capture that melted snow and it is then used to generate clean, renewable power for eastern Australia. From there, the water is then released into the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers for irrigation. Environmental and Social Benefits Environment How Hydro-Electricity is Generated Environmental Costs of the Snowy Mountains Scheme The Snowy Mountains Scheme operates within a range of 5 100 square kilometres, most of which is located in the Kosciuszko National Park. Kosciuszko National Park is one of Australia's largest national Parks, covering 690 000 hectares and is home to Australia's highest point, Mount Kosciuszko, standing 2 228 metres tall. The Part spans over the Great Dividing Range and contains most of Australia's snow and alpine environments. The Park holds a diverse range of plants and animals and is home to rare species like the Mountain Pygmy Possum and the Southern Corroboree frog. Snowy Hydro helpfully sponsors the recovery and protection programs for these species. Also, Snowy Hydro works with the Department of Environmental and Climate Change to ensure high standards of environmental management within the Kosciuszko National Park. The Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme continues to meet the difficulty of providing clean a renewable power to eastern Australia, while generously operates in the unique environment of the Australian Alps. The Snowy Mountains Scheme included water and hydro-electricity power function in Australia's Southern Alps. The scheme diverts the headwaters of the Snowy, Eucumbene and Murrumbidgee rivers west through the Great Dividing Range, releasing water into the Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers. This is designed to interact with the effects of severe drought and raise the production of the Murry Darling Basin. The water from the scheme supports the production of around 3 billion dollars worth of farming every single year. The generated water is directed through a series of power stations as it is pushed down the western escarpment of the Great Dividing Range. It can generate huge amounts of electricity to direct power all over eastern Australia. This efficient and renewable enegy helps keep the major cities of Australia up and running. Power from the scheme can even be sent around the east coast to Adelaide and as far as Tasmania. Introduction The regions containing mountains are the best place to suite the generation of Hydro-Electricity. There is plenty of rain snow and low temperatures. The rain and melted snow is collected and stored in the Scheme's dams and lakes and later diverted into tunnels and pipelines and sent to a series of power stations, hundreds of metres below. Electricity is generated by turning a magnet in side a wire coil, the magnet is a electro-magnet which spins inside the wire coil. After the water has passed through the turbines in the power stations, it is released into rivers to be used to irrigate farms in the dry parts of the Great Dividing Range. It takes just 90 seconds for the power to be generated through the Scheme to become available for use, compared to coal-fired Power Stations which take several hours to start up. Social Costs of the Snowy Mountains Scheme The original plan was for 99% of the water of the Snowy River's natural flow to be diverted by the Scheme below Lake Jindabyne. Still, only 1% of water flows through. Ecosystems in this 1% are in crisis. Dry land salinity or salt levels rose in the western farmlands, causing excessive irrigation. Alternative sources of water had to be found by those who lived downstream from Jindabyne Dam, both homes and factories. They struggled to get enough water out of the 1%; this cost them money. Entire towns were wiped out due to the damming of the Snowy River, resulting in the locals having to find a new place to live and getting to know new people. http://www.snowyhydro.com.au/ http://australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/snowy-mountains-scheme wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowy_Mountains_Scheme Bibliography http://www.canleyvale.hs.education.nsw.gov.au/Winning%20websites/eau/snowy.htm http://www.murrayriver.com.au/about-the-murray/snowy-mountains-scheme/ Snowy Scheme Booklet Story of the Snowy Scheme book- By Snowy Hydro Renewable energy

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