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Content Based Instruction

Research about the theory related to content based instruction

Alejandro Arrieta

on 6 September 2011

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Transcript of Content Based Instruction

Content Based Instruction General Objective Analyzing the background information related to Content Based Instruction. Specific Objectives Literature Review What is content-based instruction? - Defining content based instruction. - Recognizing some characteristic of content-based instruction lesson. - Establishing the advantages of Content-Based Instruction. - Designing a class base on Content-Base Approach for seventh grades in Liceo de Poás. Integration of a particular content with second language aims Such as:math, science, social studies Comprehensible input CBI is a lesson base on a topic or a subject matter It is use in all those bilingual schools and high schools. Authentic and meaningful input What are some characteristics of content-based instruction lesson? Foreigners talk Voluntary pleasure reading It is helpful to the more advanced learner New classroom language materials Those type of lessons use any subject matter to teach a foreign language Some goals that a Content-Based Instruction lesson have to include High developing level of the foreign language Positive attitudes toward those who speak the foreign language and their culture Student’s age and abilities Gaining designated skills and knowledge in the content areas of the curriculum Teaching techniques • Language skills improvement • Vocabulary building • Discourse organization • Communicative interaction • Study skills • Synthesis of content material and grammar Learners’ role Learning by doing Active role Participative and active Teachers’ role Good language teachers Responsible for selecting and adapting authentic materials Students’ needs analysts Create truly learner-centered classroom Creating a Content-Based Instruction Lesson Preparation • Choose a subject of interest to students • Find three or four suitable sources During the lesson • Divide the class into small groups Information share Assign each group a small research Class Activities • Build background knowledge • Teach new vocabulary • Arouse learning motivation and interest • Enhance four modes and critical thinking abilities • Promote cooperative learning What are the advantages of content-based instruction? Teachers can make learning a language more interesting and motivating The use authentic material to teach the subjects New methods of study Develop their collaborative skills Real world imput by Alejandro Arrieta
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