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Module I: Belief systems

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Business Teacher

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Module I: Belief systems

Module I: Belief systems
What is a belief system?

Concept of belief
Concept of knowledge
Religious beliefs
Different religious views
Belief and knowledge
In philosophy, beliefs are considered as something opposite to knowledge.

Plato’s famous definition of knowledge as “justified true belief”.

Without the criteria of justification and truth, beliefs cannot be considered to be knowledge but something vague and uncertain.

was a philosopher and mathematician in Classical Greece
Growing up in a society we acquire knowledge from our surroundings – parents, family, teachers, friends, media, and other

Acquiring knowledge in such way makes us get used to accept presented information without reflecting upon their true meaning.

What is this scene from the movie Office space about?
Different beliefs
A feature of human mind is that we can choose what can we believe in. We can even create our own beliefs based on available information and even create our own belief systems.

Differences in beliefs are due to different cultures we grow up in.

Religion as a belief system
is a system of beliefs accompanied by established rituals through which relation between human beings and God is expressed.

Religion as a belief system
are people who believe in existence of God as a creator and ruler of the universe.

are disbelievers in the existence of God.

are not yet ready to decide whether they believe in God or not.

Cultural relativism
Cultural relativism states that belief systems are essentially a cultural thing.
Different belief systems exist due to the different cultures in which believers are raised in.
They could only be understood and judged from the perspective of the culture in which they exist.

Eating lizards and bugs in Asia
Activity I

Step I:
Write down 3 or 4 characteristics of your religion.
Step II:
Read what you wrote to your classmates and comment about the differences
Thank you for watching
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