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Competitive Strategy - Starbucks

No description

Khanh Nguyen

on 22 December 2011

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Transcript of Competitive Strategy - Starbucks

Competive Strategy
in a cup of coffee Competitive
Analysis Starbucks
Market Leader's
Competitive Strategy Competitive
Analysis Identify our competitors Determine competitors' objectives Identify competitors' strategies Assess competitors' strengths
and weaknesses Estimate competitors'
reaction patterns Select competitors to attack
and/or avoid Industry point of view Competitive
Analysis Starbucks
- A coffee
story from
the market
leader Q & A Close substitutes vs. Market point of view "thrist-quenching" "social drinking" new-age drinks energy drinks other beverages vs. same customer need/same customer group Objectives: profit goals
current profitability
market share growth
cash flow
technological leadership
... top retailer release packed grinded coffee 150 agencies in 5 years >50000 stores compete Nestle develop internal distribution channel release G7 into the world market bid kiosk on custom basis get national branding
and production efficiencies Strategy: product quality
features and mix
customer services
pricing policy
distribution coverage
R&D& so on the same or similar strategy
strategic group vs. strategic advantages Benchmarking Warning: A company's weakness is
the wrong assumption about its competitors A coffee story
from the market leader Competitive positioning
Strategy Define how you’ll “differentiate” your offering and create value for your market Identify the company's role in the market to decide competitive moves. Market Leader Market-leader Strategy New Demand Win market
share Improve
productivity Defend
position New users New uses More usage Win competitors Win loyalty Improve costs regionalize internal processing Change product mix vary the product mix
based on size & location Add value third living space Instant
war in
VN Instant coffee war in Vietnam 10 years ago... vs. Who fired a gun to begin this war?
Frontal attack + Franking attack a market challenger Market follower: avoid to conflict with the leader
learn from or copy the leader
not overtake the leader if they are still profitable Cloner: copy everything from leader
Imitator: copy something, maintain differentiation (packaging, advertising, pricing)
Adapter: potential future challenger, develop leader‘s strategy

Market nicher: knowing the target customer group so well that it meets their needs better than other firms which casually sell to this niche --> Profitable Some specialist roles to open market as a nicher:
End-use specialist.
Vertical-level specialist.
Customer-size specialist.
Specific-customer specialist.
Geographical specialist.
Product or feature specialist.
Quality–price specialist.
Service specialist.
How long can nichers be happy with their money?
Balancing customer - competitor orientation Customer-centred Competitor-centred Market-centred
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