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06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You

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Dhruv Patel

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of 06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You

What can you personally do?
What are the costs and benefits of your potential action plans?
What are the externalities, both positive and negative, of your chosen solutions?
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Although the idea of this may sound great but there are some cons behind it. First off, it has a high chance of costing more then receiving. Paying for equipment but not expecting to break even is really, really bad. Second, several methods could be denied by the city like advertising in areas that are restricted. But as a positive, there can be someone out there who would greatly appreciate you taking a step to making a cleaner area!
What I can do to stop this is just to spread the word! Tell the town a startling fact that could raise awareness about trash that is not in a trash can. Another thing I could do is to show what could happen if littering continued; trash in your food and water, injuries, and possibly death to germs and poisoning of trash.
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The costs to exploit littering cannot really be determined but the benefits of the action are too many to list but it can surely help the city and it could be marked off the Watch List. Showing this city off can also result in a higher income for the community as it can bring in tourists as they see how beautiful the area looks. Great reputation = Great Income!
Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem?
Yes, as stated above and other ways could be to just have people sign a petition to a law for the city hall to pass on littering.
What is affecting my community?
Well, in my community there is A LOT of littering. So much trash on the ground that I don't think that I can even see a sidewalk when I walk on the side!
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Dhruv Patel
06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You
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