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Semantic English Etymology Dictionary

No description

Robert Songer

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Semantic English Etymology Dictionary

@ SEED I am Robert Songer K
C anazawa echnical ollege Assistant Professor of Global Information Technology 5-Year Collaborative Learning Practical engineering education for a global world Engineering and English in Magic + TOEIC Prep = ? etymology etymon -logy "true sense" "study of" 語源 "language" "origin" "gogen" 語 源 jouhatsu a.) a kind of hat
b.) venting your feelings
c.) evaporation
d.) circumstance 蒸 発 "steam" "emission" logorrhea a.) a long stream of numbers
b.) an excessive flow of words
c.) a strong desire to do math
d.) an overuse of symbols logos rrhea "word" "to flow" ICT CALL Software
Engineering School Network Educational
Research factory database The Project: the easy to use

easy to understand ○ experiment with study methods △ expand the database (120+ words) × develop features for word context 工場 to do list (Semantic English Etymology Dictionary) fac 作る・為す・置く -ory 所 depository 保管場所 observatory 観測所 effective 効果的な official 公式な e- 外に -ive ~傾向がある English Etymology Dictionary http://home.alc.co.jp/db/owa/etm_sch With past study methods, I would memorize the meaning of the word and be done with it. However, with this word study using English etymology (such as the word 'factories' is fac = to make, -ory = place, and place for making things = factory) I can make conjectures and enjoy studying words, I think. " " The word meanings are easier to understand than studying word meanings using the book, so I can learn faster. " " It's good that it is very easy to check and see. For example, the explanation of 'factories' is written by dividing it into 'fac' (to make) and 'tories' (place), so it was good to learn English words from fundamentals. " " I can remember words more effectively with the etymology method than with [the homework] memorization method so of course I think it's useful. " " When I learn for example '-ance' means vb→n, I understand that 'performance' and 'finance' are nouns, so if I learn a lot of word roots, I think it will be useful for making my own guesses about words I don't understand, too. " " http://db.tt/wKCrIzxx http://etymonline.com/ SEED vs. SPACE ALC Student 1 Student 2 SEED : 60% SEED : 47% *Must illustrate a clear connection between morphemes and the meaning of the whole with concise, accurate descriptions. illustrate accurate concise clear I can get better scores on the tests. I can make word associations from etymology so I feel myself becoming interested. " " rsonger@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp paper
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