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Future Brains

Our brains in the future

lauren garvey

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Future Brains

Could this be how our
Future Brains

Negative Effects
All of the technology is having a huge, negative effect on mankind and it is increasing dramaticly.
It could be damaging our health without us noticing and this is bad because it is like a technological evolution and things can easily go wrong with our lives and brains.
Facebook Phone
The new Facebook Phone will be able to observe other lives and record your very own life and its exsistance alot easier making things easier for our brains to understand and comprehend.
However, this could be used for bad things like stalkers, stalkers would find it easier to follow people and this could be harder for people to get away. But, i do think it is better for our brains.
Human ID

Human ID is simply what defines us and if we didn't have it, we wouldn't recognise anyone... even if we know them, however, this is facing an extraordinary problem which is a terrible thing. This is bad for our brains because people would be thinking too hard to try to recognise each other and people could go potentially insane. But, how could the majority of the world lose the part in their brains that tell us who people are, How?
The Way out
So, will all this new technology be good for our brains and health. My conclusion has come to this:
. it could potentially cause people to go insane
.it would be easier for stalkers to cause damage
.our lives and brains could be damaged for a long time
.it would be easier for your friends and family to find you
.you could go back to find good memories
.our brains can comprehend things easier
What do you think, will we be safe in the future?
I think all the new technology will be bad for our brians and the result of this will be robots take over
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