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Great Depression

The Stock Market Crash and World War I reason for the Great Depression

Michelle Marroquin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression

The Great Depression Major Causes of the GD The Stock Market Crash: People had invested their money in something and then lost everything they had. Then the economy weakened and unemployment skyrocketed. World War I: This weakend the economy because of the demand of supplies needed for the troops. Bank Failures Some bank deposites were unsured so people ended up losing their savings. Since the banks were unsure, for their own survival they stopped giving out loans. The Stock Market Crash and WWI the same? These two are the same because the Government had to print more money to purchase the supplies they needede peole started taking their money out so they could spend it. Heros During the Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt The New Deal was the name of a series of programs he created between 1933 and 1936 to help give some relief to the enemployed, reform of businesses and financial practices, and recovery to the economy during the Great Depression. Theodore Roosevelt The Square Deal was President Theodore Roosevelt's domestic program formed upon three basic ideas: conservation of natural resources, control of coporations, and consumer protection. This helps the middle class citizens by attacking plutocracy and at the same time it protects business from extreme demands in organized labor. Woodrow Wilson The New Freedom is the policy of President Woodrow Wilson. This promoted antitrust modification, tariff revision, and reform of banking and currency matters. Which help the stock market greatly. (Some What) The Recession Heros of the Recession (ha ha yeah right..) Barack Obama Stimulus plan He would enact on the windfall profits tax on oil companies to give families 1000 rebate. And 25 billion to states health, education, housing, and heating assistance. Another 25 billion to fund public projects. Also he is going to provide $500 in tax credits per person and $1000 per family. And eliminate tax for seniors making $50,000 a year. George W. Bush President George Bush gets blamed for the country's economic troubles than his successor or Democrats who control congress. The END.....
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