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japanese macaque monkey presentation


Courtney Brummitt

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of japanese macaque monkey presentation

Japanese Macaque Monkey!!! :D This is because they are the only animal other than racoons and humans to clean their food. Why is the japanese macaque often the
subject of a buddhist myth? And what
myth do they symbolize?Why? The macaque monkey is often the subject
of their myths , because it is an inspiration
to their knowledge. They are used in the saying "see no
evil, hear no evil , speak no evil." this phrase usually discribes somebody that doesn't want to be involved in something.
The reason why they use the macaque
monkey is because they are suppose
to be a symbol of strength and wisdom. They are wise because they know how to survive harsh weather. What category does the Japanese macaque monkey fall into , and why might this be? They fall into the human category but why might you ask? They all started to do this when one female macaque monkey cleaned her food and then they all started to copy her. How do female macaque monkeys
copulate , And how do they do it? (How
many males do they mate with?) And
how many baby Japanese macaque
monkies do they have at a time? Female macaque monkey's copulate with about IO males during a mating season. This mating season begins in the spring and ends about 3 weeks later. Though pregnancies only occur during the mating season, heterosexual and homosexual relations go on year-round. After a time period of I73 days , females have only a single Japanese macaque baby! On average a single macaque only has one baby, however, they reproduce like humans so they can on occasions have twins (multiples). I know this because a researcher put a fruit on a beach to see what the macaque would do and the macaque cleaned it off in the ocean because the was sand on the fruit. - James B.
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