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PBL 4 Aux

No description

bryan tan

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of PBL 4 Aux

PBL 4 Aux
LTA Tan is a helicopter pilot. On one of the day, as he was flying the helicopter, the fire warning light on engine 1 came on. He quickly push the fire extinguisher push button, but nothing happen. what do you
has gone wrong?

ME1T Bryan tan
ME1T Louis tan
ME1T Foo Chee San
ME1T Brandon koh

Fire protection system
Fire protection system
Heat detector
Smoke detector
Bimetallic strip temperature detector
Photo-resistor cell
Freon fire extinguisher
Each fire extinguisher has two percussion heads with electro pyrotechnical squibs. When supplied with electrical power it will explodes and shatter a frangible disk through which the freon escapes.
Compartment ventilation and Fuel supply not switched off
Wire faulty
Compartment ventilation and fuel shut off valve
Wire faulty
Connection to the electro pyrotechnical squib faulty. Explosion of squib doesn't happen.
The fire detection system was not faulty. Problem was most likely caused by engine compartment ventilation and fuel supply not switched off during extinguishing or wire faulty causing extinguisher to malfunction.
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