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Our After Action Review of the Global Video Project

No description

Ashley Nease

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Our After Action Review of the Global Video Project

1. Pre-Project Expectations
-Multiple Video shoots
-Getting all of our filming done in one day
-Working together on the editing
-Group contribution on the "voice over's"
-Good communication throughout the project
-Have multiple shots of each location
2. What actually happened?
-Visited five places for video clips:

-Tried Various foods and captured video clips at each destination
-Discussed each other's culture

-Lost a few video files due to complications of video transfer to the computer
-Enjoyed spending time with our other group members (made new friends!)
-Our group worked well together, everyone contributed, and each member pulled their
own weight

3. What did we learn?
-Group work went very well

-Challenges were overcome by teamwork and
dedication to the finished product.

-Our first-time video making process went better
than expected.

-What started out as a project, has now
brought new friendships!
After Action Review of the
Global Video Project
Ashley Nease Brittany Ballou

A Day in the Life of:
Korean Student View's on
American Cuisine
Suyeon Kwak Donghee Lee

-Gellas -Chinese Grocery -Wal*Mart -Wendy's -Sake2Me Sushi
-Found interesting differences/similarities


-Communication is Key
-Advanced Planning is detrimental to a group's success

-How to use Window's Movie Maker (no-one knew previously)
-Korean Likes & Dislikes of American cuisine (in Hays, KS)
-How to construct "Voice Overs"
-Creating an entire movie/video in a program specifically designed for that purpose
-Korean view's on American cuisine (in general)
-We can now all complete our own video's for future classes.
-As American students, Brittany and Ashley are now able to connect better with international students.
-Group work and full contribution from members can only be achieved with the correct goals to aim for.
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