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No description

Tori Clement

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Infancy

Makayla' s infancy development
Birth-18 Months

Physical, Motor, Language Development
0-2 Months

Cognitive Development
Moral Development
The End

Piaget (1954, 1964) described this stage from birth to approximately 2 years as a period of rapid cognitive growth.
Object permanence
Object permanence means knowing that an object still exists, even if it is hidden. It requires the ability to form a mental representation of the object.
Easy or flexible
children tend to be happy, regular in sleeping and eating habits, adaptable, calm, and not easily upset.

Active or feisty
children may be fussy, irregular in feeding and sleeping habits, fearful of new people and situations, easily upset by noise and stimulation,and intense in their reactions.

Slow to warm or cautious
children may be less active or tend to be fussy, and may withdraw or react negatively to new situations; but over time they maybe come more positive with repeated exposure to anew person, object, or situation
Makayla is feisty

Makayla lifting her head
3-4 months

increased vision
5-6 months
rolling over
6-9 months
9-12 months
taking steps
Physical Development
0-2 months
alert to voices
2-4 months
makayla coos
4-6 months
making vowel sounds
6-9 months
9-12 months
how she responds to a simple command such as :lay down:

Language Development

Motor Development
0-4 months
Turn her head toward sounds and voices
Stare at bright objects and follow them with his eyes
Move her arms together and apart
Bring her hands to her mouth, and possibly suck on her own hands or fingers
4-8 months
Grab onto objects within her reach
Roll over to explore and get to objects
Prop himself up on his arms when laying on his tummy
Sit independently for brief periods
Pass objects from one hand to the other hand

8-12 months
Drop and pick up toys
Bang two objects together
Let go of objects on purpose
Put things into containers (with large openings) and take them out again
Bite and chew toys

Makayla playing and exchanging toys
First stage: Hope (up to two)

Learning Basic Trust Versus Basic Mistrust: If a baby and toddler is nurtured, and loved, he will develop trust and security and a basic optimism. Badly handled, he becomes insecure and mistrustful.
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