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Career Research Project

No description

kayla ode

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Career Research Project

Works Cited


Career Research Project-Criminal lawyer
Requirements to Obtain the Career
1. You need to start off with a 4 year degree and a high LSAT score.
2. Major degrees are a 4 year undergraduate study followed by 3 years of law school. Must have bachelors degree.
3. A Local college that has criminal classes is Wayne State.
4. Route to achieving a criminal law degree is 7 years of college and several lower degrees.
5. Jobs related to this career are attorneys, assistants, and researchers.
6. You must have certain characteristics to obtain this career like, personality, time, patience, listen, talk, outspoken adn several more.
Job Position Description
1. On the daily job you will have to do lots of research and interview new clients.
2. This job helps suspects gain freedom or jail time.
3. Hours are usually 7 a day or 40 a week, the workplace is quiet and involved.
4. When you find information or helpful resources you report to your client.
5. The income range for this job is $60,000- $110,000 a year and hourly depending on the case and client.
6. Criminal Lawyers don't usually get benefits unless they are high in a firm or the owner. They get retirement funds like 401k's, IRA's. and pension plans.
Job Reflection and Outlook
1. The most challenging thing about this career would have to be not having clients and then positive perks would be the money and hours.
2. This particular job is highly useful and indemand everywhere.
3. Not a lot of people have the money to hire a lawyer since the econominc downturn.
4. Sam bernstein's law firms in the local area could be hiring.
5. This career benefits the community by helping with closer, understanding of the situation, and helps keep peace.
1. This career is important because without lawyers of any kind, there would be confusion on who did what and what happened and who is responsible.
2. This career would be good for me because i love figuring things out and putting puzzle pieces together and arguing my point or side on the situation.
History and Background of the Career
1. Career began in 1790.
2. Job became into effect when courts came up and people started pressing charges.
3. The need for lawyers went up when murders went up.
4. A famous criminal lawyer is Gerald Shargel, he defends every collar color and the mob.
Kayla ode
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