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Reaping Consequences

The Affects Subsidizing Corn is Having on Citizens

Heather Rickman

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Reaping Consequences

Subsidizing Crops Governmental subsity paid to farmers allowing
the government to have control over the price and
supply of commodities. Wheat Soybeans Cotton CORN Corn's place in society Industry Products In 2005, the US supplied 42% of the world's corn
58% used for feed
Remaining used in exports (25%), food, seed, and
other uses such as ethonal (17%)
The farmer's bill Corn & Our Health Eliminates Healthy Choices Conclusion 64.5 percent of us Adults
are considered obese
the corn refiners trade group argues
that HFCS isn't any worse for you than
table sugars Research shows that HFCS
is more fattening than sugar a set of laws that is renewed every
five years that supports farmers
and the production of subsidized crops. the 2008 was predicted to
cost $284 Billion. HFCS: A liquid sweetner made from
cornstarch and is used in most processed
foods, especially soft drinks. By making corn so cheap we
are limiting consumers
sugary, fatty foods.
"We're subsidizing obesity." -Michael Pollen
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