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West Africa

No description

I Smith

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa Region
By: Loren & Ian Physical Geography 1. Countries:
Burkina Faso
Guinea Bissau

Sierra Leone
Togo 2. Landforms
Most of West Africa is in the
borderland between the
desert and the jungles.
Only three countries of
West Africa are in the
Sahara Desert 3. Climate
Mostly the climates of
West Africa are Desert,
Scrub, Grassland, And
Rainforest WHO ARE THEY?
Our tribe is Fulani, a group in the region of West Africa.
Fulani is 1 of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. They have a population of 23 million. They are dispersed widely dispersed throughout the region of West Africa. The largest of the group lives in places such as, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad. The smaller portions of the group live in West African States. One group is named bororo and are found in the semidesert Sahel region of the Niger and Northern Nigeria. A small portion of Bororo can also be found in Chad or Cameroon.
In some cases, the governments of West Africa are inaffective. One Example is that tribal villages that experience famin when at one time they had food to spare. Not to mention the ethnic fighting between tribes that harm neutral civilions. There are also many diseases affecting the tribal villages. On the other hand most countries have resources that have given them a good economy. Some of theses resoures are:
Precious Minerals
Exotic Animals
However, most animals that are traded are endangered and yet no one stops the illegal trade. Government Popular Culture WHAT ARE THESE COUNTRIES LIKE TODAY? Today the countries of West Africa are more developed than they have been. They have discovered many ways to make their country better. Their education has become more developed in time, though it has not reached its maximum. However the girls of West Africa still do not have as good of a chance at education as boys might have. They have learned to build more strongly, therefore they are becoming a more advanced community. WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT THIS AREA TODAY? No, we would not like to visit West Africa because of the many problems they face. Problems such as, heat, food, water, the uncontrolled animals, and also because of the ethnic fighting the have. This would make it hard to survive for people who have had so much all their life. For us it would be like playing a game of surviver. Citation

Peoples of West Africa
By: The Diagram Group

A Journey Through Africa and the Pacific Realm
Publisher-Gibbs Smith
Place of Publication-Salt Lake City Government types:
Parliementary republic
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