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Project Based Learning to Foster Language Use and Collaborat

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Johannes Rojas

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Project Based Learning to Foster Language Use and Collaborat

Project Based Learning to Foster Language Use and Collaborative Work
Tools and Purpose
Online tools such as platforms, blogs, vocaroo, voki and collaborative online tools like spiderscribe.

Students will be exposed to these online tools so they can work with one another in developing group tasks by using the language and taking into account everybody's opinion to come out with a product
Activity 1 - Voice Forum
Activity 2 - Group Mapping
Students are set into groups of four to work on the creation of an online mind map on the spiderscribe online tool. Each student is expected to provide information (pics, videos, texts, links etc) to the map to edit it and get the final product. Any topic can be chosen considering students' level
Topic or Issue
English students do not use language among themselves out of shame, so they do not work accurately in collaborative tasks
Students are asked to work in triads on a forum placed on the schoology platform regarding culture differences and similarities: Venezuelan and American. Triads are supposed to record themselves on vocaroo for expressing their opinions and comment on other learners' posts by embedding their audios on the forum
Activity 3-Guess who!
Students are asked to log in on their class blog and listen to a series of anonymous personal information audios previously sent to the teacher and uploaded by him to identify whose voice and description they listen to; each student is expected to comment at least 3 audios and justify his answer.
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