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Tuesday, September 5th

No description

William Barber

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of Tuesday, September 5th

Company Logo
Tuesday, September 5th
Do Now
M: In your seat
V: Level 0
P: Utilize your Do Now sheet, as well as your notecard for the question.
How we circle.
1. There will be 1 talking piece. If anyone has the talking piece, it is their turn to speak.
2. LISTEN! here what everyone has to say.
3. When it is your turn share out!
4. RESPECT! no matter what the students peer has to say, respect that your peers. No exceptions!
Mini Lesson
Work Period.
Bathroom Procedures
-Always have a pass!
-Only 1 at a time!
-You are only allowed to use the bathroom across the hall, unless it is unavailable.
- Use the bathroom for the BATHROOM!
Absent folder.
Set a short term goal, from now until june. What do you want to work on differently this year. Work ethic? Grades? Behavior? Friendships?

And how will you attain that? (Answer the following on a notecard and a your Do Now sheet.)
Think about this...
-Form a circle.
-Start off with game 1 finger hand drop!
-Game 2-Timed name game
-End with question: Share out your note card with the class, what is your goal and how can you achieve it!
Put desks back and practice proper clean up!!
Last Question- How did the circle feel? Was it easy to share?
If you were absent there will be an absent folder with extra copies on the assignments from the day before on Mr Barbers Counter.
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