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University teachers as users of technology in their teaching

Conference on Enhancing the Role of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, session How to strengthen pedagogical competences to enhance teaching and learning?,Oslo 19.6.2017

Anni Rytkönen

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of University teachers as users of technology in their teaching

UH teachers as users of technology in teaching
pedagogical focus
in teaching (Biggs levels 1-3)
Technological innovativeness (Nielsen, Rogers)
Own easiness
Technological tricks
Individual peer assignments with dialogical learning
Submission to community, assessment individually
Consult technological assistant
Use basic systems with limited number of basic features
Pedagogy + often pedagogically meaningful use of basic features
Tutor colleagues
Factors that make the difference
: teachers
Collaborate and brainstorm with peers in teaching design
Have courage to expect students to exceed their comfort zones
Make the learning process truly transparent with the help of technology
Select systems based on pedagogical needs that create trialogical learning.
Individual work for monological learning
Individual, private submissions and assessment
Read books
Basic systems, complex features

Collaborate with peers
Consult experts
Rytkönen, A. (2014). University of Helsinki teachers as users and adopters of change of web-based learning environments in teaching. https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/45214
How to strengthen pedagogical competences to enhance teaching and learning?
--> competences in using technology in teaching:
Biggs' three levels of thinking about teaching
1: What students are
2: What teachers do
3: What students do
(e.g. Biggs & Tang 2011 and "Teaching teaching and understanding understanding" on YouTube)
In spring 2017, courses
UP1 Teaching and learning at university (5cr)
UP2 Constructive alignment in course design (5cr)

were given for "massive" groups (ca 300 and 200 participants) incl one online group ("SPOC")

The teaching methods and contents included online teaching

a) pedagogical knowledge
and skills on the personal level

b) awareness
on the organizational level

Teachers as users of technology
in their teaching

Anni Rytkönen
Senior lecturer in University Pedagogy
Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE), University of Helsinki
Training in
University pedagogy
The Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) provides training in University pedagogy for the UH personnel and doctoral students.

The 60cr study module gives the general teacher qualification required from teachers in Finland
Suggestions for the future:
as joint online courses
in University pedagogy
shared questions in the surveys & comparison of results
In the courses, the participants
got experiences in studying online
got knowledge and skills they can apply in their own teaching
created course designs including online methods
research on the collected data
courses given at the Open university
in the spring 2018, hopefully next online groups!
When developing their teaching with using technology, university teachers need in addition to their existing substance skills also learn on TWO perspectives: pedagogy and technology. Therefore (based on my PhD),
The Mainstream user (ca 70%) uses technology in their teaching with little experience and quite simply

The more advanced users may be repeating the same method year after year without thinking

or select the methods each time in a pedagogically meaningful way
the focus may be (im)balanced pedagogically or technologically; it is challenging to focus on the both
a new university-wide / faculty-specific survey on the digitalization of teaching ("Digital leap")
is under construction

We already use partly the same questions with Utrecht university, to be able to compare the results
The degree reform "Big wheel" 2017
The Faculty of Educational sciences provides teacher training for
class teachers
subject teachers

University pedagogy is now treated as one of the subject teacher education alternatives as part of the Bachelor's programme in educational sciences, and thus the study modules & courses must be comparable with other alternatives
Piloting 2017 in University Pedagogy
The general idea with constructive alignment: http://prezi.com/sz-uilzbsvmo/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

The new course descriptions (in Finnish, sorry): https://wiki.helsinki.fi/x/d0SkD
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