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Mrs. Frisbie 1

No description

Health 7

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of Mrs. Frisbie 1

My Hero: My Mom
Quality #1: Trust
My mom is strong because she got divorced when I was young and then raised three little children all on her own as a single mom. Even when times were hard she never gave up and always had a positive attitude. She has modeled for me what it means to be a strong woman, a strong wife, and a strong mother.
Quality #2: Strong
My mom is thoughtful because she always does little things that show me that she is thinking of me and she makes me feel special. For example, she is always making me my favorite dinners and baking me cookies. When she goes shopping she buys me little gifts and always calls me to see how my week is going.
Quality #3: Thoughtful
My mom is selfless because she always puts others before herself. For example, when my grandma was dying of lung cancer my mom sat by her bed everyday and fed her until she passed away. She also helped me plan and pay for my wedding instead of fixing up her own house.
Quality #4: Selfless
My mom is my hero because she inspires me in every way possible, but most of all, she inspires me to be a great teacher. She taught me everything I know about teaching and she always gives me good advice and new creative ideas. When I am discouraged she always encourages me and tells me funny stories about when she was a teacher. She never lets me give up!
Quality #5: Inspirational
Question #1
What advice can you give me about making personal decisions in life?
"Always do what you feel is right and follow the values I have taught you."

Question #2
What should I do to resist peer pressure?
"Be your own person and always stand up for what you believe in."

Question #3
Who is your hero? Why?
"My hero is my mom, your grandmother, because she always supported me even if she didn't agree with me."
Advice From My Hero
My mom is my hero because I can trust her. I can trust her because she never breaks promises and always keeps her commitments. For example, she promised she would make it to all my soccer games when I played, and she never missed a single one
Pamela Mann
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