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Pourquoi Tale

Why sharks have fins

Grace Daly

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Pourquoi Tale

Pourquoi Tale By: Grace Daly This is the story of how sharks got their fin. They didn't have fins before this. Long ago, Bruce, the shark was chasing Dory and Marlin. He was ready for his lunch, and he didn't want to wait any longer. He was planning on eating Marlin, the clown fish, first. He loved the orange and white combo meal with a blue and yellow dessert. Bruce opened his mouth wide and then... Dory picked up a triangular shell and fed it to Bruce. He thought it was Marlin though, so he swallowed Then the shell went up into his skin, creating a fin! The other sharks see his fin and are surprised. They are JEALOUS because he can move faster & eat more fish which results in a longer life for Bruce. In the end, all of the sharks get triangular shells, eat them and get fins. It's a MIRACLE! The sharks can live longer now! Oh wait, that's not too great for us humans... Uh Oh... FISH!!! And that's how sharks got their... THE END
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