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wOw Prezi's Copy Joe Holmes

No description

wOw Prezi

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of wOw Prezi's Copy Joe Holmes

The Holmes Group
Real Estate Consulting & Marketing Specialists
The Team & The Marketing Plan
Commission Plans
Real Estate Economics & Pricing of your Property
Mutual Decision
“For the person trying to do everything alone, the game is over. One is too small a number to achieve greatness. That’s the Law of Significance”
John Maxwell
Who’s on your team?
Joe Holmes
Team Lead, Listing Specialist, Real Estate Consultant & Marketing Advisor
Diane Miller
Executive Assistant & Transaction Coordinator
Daniel Flies
Marketing Coordinator
Jacquelyn Carter & Stacy Sternberg
Renewing Spaces – Staging Consultants
Luke Nygaard
Nygaard Photography - Professional Photography
Charlie Drake
General Contractor –
Lakeland Contractors
The Holmes Group Mission Statement
Let’s Sell Your Home
First 3 Steps After We List Your Home
1. Withhold it from the MLS
2. Get the home ready for the market
3. Fill out all required seller items (Disclosures, TISH, HOA Docs)
Marketing Prep & Generate Buzz!
Begin Networking
the Home
Install Lockbox & Take Preliminary Photos
Install Sign and Area Directionals
Just Listed
Circle Prospecting
Social Media Posts
Professional Staging
When We’re Ready for Showings
We Place the Home on the MLS & Continue a Calculated & Routine Marketing Blitz!!
Most Agents Only Do the 3 P’s…
1. P
lace a Sign in the Yard
2. P
ut Your House on the MLS
3. P
ray a Buyer’s agent comes in with a buyer
We do the 4th and 5th P’s
Proactively Prospect for Buyers
Large Target Audience
a. Local Ad Content
b. Social Media – FB, Youtube, Bomb Bomb
c. Database Marketing
d. Google Ads / Facebook Ads – pay per click & organic leads
e. Circle Pix / Virtual Tours
f. Relocation Departments of Area Companies
Specific Target Audience
a. Circle Prospecting
b. Just Listed ecards & postcards
c. Reverse Prospecting
d. Open Houses / Broker Opens
e. Signage & Directionals
Price Watch
Watch the competition
Track market data
What about you the
... don’t forget we’re a
We routinely follow up per our
pre-designed communication agreement
Does All of This Work?
What happens when we get an
1. Sales Price Negotiations
2. Contract Language and Terms
3. Title & Closing
4. Routine follow up with all parties
5. Smooth Closing!
No Questions Asked Cancellation Policy!
One of the biggest dilemmas when selling a home is deciding who to hire. Hiring the wrong realtor is risky because your home could end up setting on the market for a long time without an acceptable offer. Your first offer is usually your best offer
Zero Cancellation Policy
If you’re not completely satisfied with our customer service or our marketing efforts, then you can cancel the listing at any time.
No Questions Asked!
Any Questions?
Marketing Fee
We have 3 Standard Commision Options
Premium Price
Priced High – 7% Commission / $500 Retainer Fee / 9 month Listing Contract / Monthly Price Improvements
Fair Market Value
Suggested List Price – 6% Commission / $295 Retainer Fee / 5 Month List Contract / Price Improvements Based on Market Data
Under Market Pricing
Quick Sale/Multiple Offers – 5.5% Commission / $295 Retainer Fee / 4 Month Listing Contract / Price Improvements Based on Market Data
We’ll agree to a strategy & Sign a pre-designed Listing Strategy
Now... Let’s Talk Pricing & Economics
It is our mission to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations so you will never hesitate to refer us to your family, friends, and coworkers. Win-Win... Or No Deal!
Our Belief System in Action...
Win-Win... Or no deal
Integrity... Do the right thing
Commitment... In all things
Communication... Seek first to understand
Creativity... Ideas before results
Customers... always come first
Teamwork... together everyone achieves more
Trust... starts with honesty
Success... results through people
Area realtors
& More
Professional Photography
Add text
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Our Resume
We Sell Homes!!
Twin Cities Average = 67% sales ratio
The Holmes Group = 96%
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