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They are animals that live in the deciduous forest.

Erin Bustos

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Porcupines

By: Erin Bustos Porcupines Porcupines live in the temperate deciduous forest. The abiotic factors of the porcupine's habitat is the soil, air, temperature, sunlight, water, and climate. The biotic factors are deciduous trees such as birch and oak. Biotic organisms are the Eastern Chipmunk and the Red Tailed Hawk.
Porcupines are herbivores, so they consume bark, leaves, salt, fruit, twigs, buds, and evergreen needles. Porcupines are preyed upon by cougars, coyotes, and bobcats. To protect them from these predators, they use their sharp quills. Once the quills are lodged into the enemy, they won't attempt to hunt it. Porcupines can live up to 20 years. They are as long as 29 inches, and have an 8 inch tail. Their features are a dull snout and short legs. Their feet have curved, long claws. Their top teeth continue to grow throughout it's life. To keep it's teeth sharp, it gnaws on hard things. All in all, this is all about the porcupine and it's habitat.
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