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Economics and Students

This is a presentation on economics as a subject and how it benifits the students that study it.

Ciara Millar

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Economics and Students

economics as a subject Economics Boring.
For highly intelligent people.
Really hard.
All about politics and money.
Its a waste of time, it cant be used for anything. What people think Economics as a subject is: Economics is the study of human behavior and how the scarce resources of the world, which have alternative uses are distributed in order to satisfy the infinite needs and wants of man kind.

People may say well that's complicated!

But not really. Basically economics is:
The study of how humans make decisions - why we do what we do?
The study of how people manage limited resources such as money in order to get maximum benefit.
The study of businesses and how they set their prices to satisfy consumer demand and to compete with similar businesses.
The study of how the government handle the economy how they gather income and how the choose to spend it in order meet their goals. What is Economics as a subject?? Reasons why economics is important: By studying economics so far I now:
Am more careful in the way i spend my limited income.
Am more aware of my surroundings.
Can understand more things going on in the news.
Am able to use what I learn in everyday things. How economics has benefit me To me economics is important as it:

Helps students understand what is going on in the world of economy.
Makes students aware of their surroundings.
Helps students make valuable decisions.
Helps students understand the decisions of the government with regards income and expenditure. Why I think economics is important to study! This short clip shows how important studying economics is for people to understand how and why things are happening in the current economic climate. www.careersportal.ie
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