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Sorority and Fraternity Hazing

No description

Hannah Pfledderer

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Sorority and Fraternity Hazing

Sorority and Fraternity Hazing Harassment Hazing Verbal Abuse
Threats or implied threats
Sleep deprivation
Stunt/skit nights with degrading, cruel, or humiliating acts.
Expection new memebers to do chores or personal members for existing memebers. Violent Hazing Violent hazing includes harming new members physicaly, emotionally, or pschologically.
Forced to use alcohol
Assaulting others
Water intoxication
Kidnap/ Abduction Stories of Hazing Matthew Carrington, a 22 year old college student, was wanting to join the Chi Tau's Fraternity. He was participationg in the Fraternity's "Hell Week", but things went terribly wrong. Matthew along with other members were forced to do calisthnics in raw seweg for hours. Next, had to do push-ups while answering trivia questions. Through it all, Matthew was forced to drink from a five gallon water jug, that was filled over and over.
Lastly, fans blew icy air onto thier bodies, while they urinated and vomited. During this, Carrington had collapsed and fell into a seisure. The members of this group didn't call the ambulance at first, but when they did, it had been too late. The victim is someone being harmed by an action. Hazing started as a way for members
to show their loyalty to the organization.
After a few years hazing took a dangerous
turn. Members turned hazing into to a
way to make it easier on them, by
making sure that only the mentally and
physically strogest of the new members
make it. The Victim The Bully The bully is someone
who causes the
harm to the victim. The Witness The witness is someone that
personally sees the bullying being
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