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Siege Weapons

For class

James McCarthy

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Siege Weapons

The SIEGE Crazy Death All or Nothing The weapons they used Siege Weapons of the Middle Ages The weapons they used in the Middle Ages were deadly and forceful. They would knock down the castles walls. The siege weapons were the only way to get in. Battering Ram The battering ram was built with a tree that had all the branches cut off. The attackers would suspend the tree with rope or chain from a wooden platform so that it can sway while suspended in the air. Building it Defence Siege Tower The Siege tower was an invaluable Medieval siege attack weapon. It was created to protect the soldiers of the defensive walls of the castle. It could also hold soldiers and attack weapons. It is a rectangular structure that was often as high as the walls it was attacking, usually about three stories high. Around the top was a drawbridge that was lowered so that the attackers could get on the top of the city or castle wall. It was very expensive. This caused it to be one of the last attack resources.
Siege Tower The Battering ram is a Medieval siege attack weapons. It was used to literally batter down the wall to a castle or city. It was like a hollow shed that a huge tree trunk that is suspended into the air was held in metal chains. The top of the tree trunk was typically sharpened to make it easier to break through walls. Usually several soldiers have to carry, or wheel it along. There were also soldiers to rock the tree trunk back and forth until it got powerful enough to break down a castle or city wall. It would hit one spot many many times before that spot actually broke.

Battering Ram Trebuchet The Trebuchet is a siege attack weapon of the Middle Ages. Close to a catapult but not the same. A catapult is used for throwing heavy stones at a castle or city walls. The Trebuchet is a gigantic sling with the greatest effect. It can turn castles or a whole city to rubble. It is capable of slinging up to two hundred pounds! Many people are needed to operate a trebuchet. The bad thing of a trebuchet is that it is so big and heavy to move around. To move it, it usually took many horses and many more soldiers. It took very long to load a trebuchet and usually could only shoot up to a few shots an hour! It had a range of up to about 300 yards.
The castle defense had very little defense against a siege. They could pour hot oil or hot water or sometimes even tar so the people attacking would get hurt. Trebuchet Catapult Catapults are medieval siege weapons. They are used to hurl objects a great distance. They are easy to make at the castle. Since it is made of wood, all you need is to find wood. It uses a centrifugal force. A catapult was usually used to hurl objects over a castle wall to destroy whatever may be inside. It can also be used to destroy a castle wall. Sometimes the attackers would put a cow or large animal in the catapult that had a disease. This way when it flew out of the catapult, it would splat and the disease would spread. Catapult
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