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My Math Interview

No description

Jonathon R

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of My Math Interview

Interviewer: Jonathon Ross
Person Interviewed: Wayne Gunderson
My Math Interview
Pourpose Of The Report
The purpose of the report is to see how math can be used in the real world. The findings of this report will show that there are field of work where math is necessary.
Queustion 1
How do you use math in your job?
Question 2
Me: What kind of mathematical training did you receive in order to do your job?
Question 3
Me: What is an example of a math problem would look like for you?
Question 4
Me: Do you use this math daily in your job?
About Mr. Gunderson
He owns a concrete company in Rochester. His job requires math and is necessary for his business. He has had to do many jobs so he has a lot of experience in his field with the math he uses.
Wayne: I use math to do a lot of my estimating.
Me: So what do you estimate?
Wayne: I own a construction business. So I estimate my labor cost and my materials cost by using math equations.
Wayne: I got my math from my high school. I deal with basic algebra.
If you have a 20x20 patio that is 4 inches thick.
First you do 20 x 20 / 80 = 5
Then you take the 5 and multiply it by .05.
The answer to that is .25.
Add those two numbers together.
The total comes out to be 5.25. That is the total amount of concrete he will need for the job. This is all in yards so its 5.25 cubic yards of concrete.
The 5 is the cubic yards of concrete he will need for the project. The .05 is the accounting for the amount of concrete that won't be used or will be spilled.
Yes. It is a tool I have to use every day for work.
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