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Elgin Marbles Controversy

No description

Steven Kidd

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Elgin Marbles Controversy

Where should they reside?

Use the links located throughout the canvas to help formulate arguments on both sides of the debate about the Elgin/Parthenon Marbles.

-The arguments are organized by opposing points of view. Arguments for keeping the Marble in Britain are on the left, while arguments for their return are on the right.

-If you see a link, click on it to find the corresponding article.

-A indicates that an article may be written at a high school reading level or beyond, while a indicates that the reading is less complex and a good one to read for basic facts if you find yourself confused. If there is no symbol the article is written at a moderate level and should be accessible for middle school students.


The Case for the Return of the Marbles to Greece!
The Case for Keeping the Marbles in the British Museum

Interesting Current Events
What are the Marbles?

decorative band of sculpture along wall

in classical architecture, a broad triangular or segmental portion of the roof line

stolen or acquired by theft

Greek Citizens Hold Candlelight Ceremony Asking For Return of Marbles
Make your best guess definition


Read the summary titled "Should Britain Return the Elgin Marbles to Greece?" and the reverse side about the controversy!
Complete the ELGIN MARBLES
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