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The Effects of Teen Gang Violence

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Lakeya Dunkly

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of The Effects of Teen Gang Violence

The Effects of Teen Gang Violence Statistics Teen gang violence has 4 effective categories Drug abusers or drug dealers
Rejected by family members
Criminal activity and jail time Drug Abusers or Drug Dealers gang violence leads to drug trafficking and drug abuse
most teens in gangs sell drugs to make profit
it is easier for teens to get these drugs when in a gang
teens in gangs get noticed more when selling drugs Rejected by Family parents dont want anything to do with children who are violent
parents stop focusing on teens because of violent behaviour
many families neglect youth once the become violent or gang members
parents kick children out because they are scared Death gang member beaten and stabbed to death by another gang member opposing his

a gang member is 60 times more likely to experience death

gang members kill other fellow gang members if what they say isn't done teens are responsible for 89 percent of violent crimes
One-fourth of gang members are aged 15-17
The average age for a gang member is 17 to 18 years old
There are more males in gangs than females Criminal Activity and Jail Time gang members have to do criminal activities to be recruited
initiation is involved in almost all gangs
crimes like theft and murder
gang members kill other gang rivals
use criminal activitie to look bigger and badder than other gangs Videos
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