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Post-Colonial Identity in the Philippines

Modern Asia Final Presentation

Chelaine Eliazar

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of Post-Colonial Identity in the Philippines

Religion in The Philippines:
Post-Colonial Identity of Filipinos Modern Asia Final Presentation
By Chelaine Eliazar Religion Christianity
(80%~85%) Muslims Animists Buddhists Protestants & Episcopalians Food Dance Martial
Arts Filipino Culture Religion Pre-colonial times:

social conduct of one's self as an individual,
family member, community member
Hinduism influence (co-exist with spirits) Animism Admired & feared
Matriarchal tendencies
warrior priestesses Magic Christian values in Filipino culture only country in Asia to have
Christianity as official religion
Animism deemed as "pagan hereitcs" Priests and Friars very prominent (Noli Me Tangere)
Still so today (more spiritually)
-->Cousins Religious influences blended together, Catholicism is majority
Filipino identity??? -->Too many variations Indulgences
Superstitions Family Examples Passing ambulance or Church Names (Respect/Honor) Variations, but still important
not conforming with family religion Dad & Family
Mom & Family Stepping on Grave Stones Moths & Burning Candles
(Purgatory or
co-exist with spirits?) Burial Ceremonies
Area variations
-->Cemented graves (Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines) Christianity adapted with Animism? Too many variations Still in post-colonial moment Mirrors, Windows, and Doors when sleeping Conclusion:
Does the Philippines have a national religious identity? Paying Respect Brief History Cultural Colonization Changed after Ferdinand Magellan and Spanish arrive (1521) Day of the Dead vs.
Deeath Anniversaries
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