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Nivea For Men SWOT Analysis

No description

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Nivea For Men SWOT Analysis

Nivea For Men SWOT Analysis
- Nivea For men was the UK market leading male facial skincare brand*. which gave it strong brand recolonization.

- the company had a sound financial base, so it had the resources to put together a strong marketing campaign.

- It also had staff with relevant skills - researchers with the scientific skills to develop products that men want and marketing staff with the skills to help promote these products effectively.

- Was the product range still relevant for the target audience?

- did it have the right sales and distribution outlets ?

- Was the market research up-to-date?
- Nivea for men had seen an increase in the sales of male skincare products and it wanted a greater share of this market.

- The company wanted to take advantage of changing social attitudes. men were becoming more open, or certainly less resistant, to facial skincare products.
Nivea cream was first announced in 1911 and the Nivea brand now extends to 14 product ranges worldwide. these products include things such as sun care, facial moisturizers, deodorant and shower products. in 1998, total annual sales for Nivea were 75.3 million.
- Consumers were becoming more knowledgeable and price conscience. they often expect sales promotions such as discounts and offers.

- The risk of competitors entering the market. Nivea for men need to differentiate its products in order to ensure that, in an increasingly competitive market, its marketing activity gave positive return on invesment in terms of sales and profits
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