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Copy of Output Devices

description http://prezi.com/pfdlqgawcsha/

john morris

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Output Devices

Output Devices Printers Ink-jet Printer These types of computers are usually used in homes because they require high cost of ink cartridges for a business to use it. Advantages Disadvantages It can produce photographic quality pictures which would be suitable for photographs and brochures
Its initial costs are low.
The printer prints in high quality.
Ink cartridges are expensive
The ink can smudge on the paper if you are not careful.
Special papers are needed(which can be expensive) for quality printouts. Laser Printers Dot Matrix Monitors Speakers Some computers have small speakers which can make a sound when an error is made. The sound card fitted into the computer enables the output to be sounds. Advantages:
Everyone in the room can hear the sounds from the speakers.
They help blind people to be able to use the computer because the text is converted to sound.
It can create an atmosphere for a presentation
High quality speakers can be expensive.
The output from the speakers can disturb others while they are working. Advantages:
High quality of print outs could be produced.
Its a faster printer than ink jet and dot matrix.
Prints out very quietly
Cost per page is low.

Most expensive printer to buy especially the colour laser printers.
Toner is very expensive.
It is also expensive to repair.

There are two different types of laser printers one can be coloured and the other can be only black and white. It prints in the same way as a photocopier and it uses toner. This printer is used in many workplaces These printers are usually found in businesses. They work by hitting the little pins against an inked ribbonto mark out the characters. This prints on several layers usually in different colours. Advantages:
Disadvantages: This is the most commonly used output device. The monitor is made up of thousands of tiny coloured dots called pixels. Cathode Ray Tubes Thin Film Transistor The operating cost is low
Robust, it will work in harsh conditions such as garages
It can print continuous stationary.
The printing quality is poor
Very slow and noisy
It doesnt produce colour copies CRT monitors have cathode ray tubes that fire electrons at a screen to make each pixel glow in the correct colour. The monitors are deep and take up a lot of room. TFT monitors are flatter and this shows it takes less room. Liquid crystals are used to form the image. The small size makes them extermely popular. End Only a few output devices are shown here.
Your revision notes and textbook have other examles.
The exam is interested in you knowing about typical
use of the device and its advantages and disadvantages. Some other devices you should consider are:

LCD projector
till receipt printer (thermal printer)
Motor (to lift a car barrier for example)
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