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MANA 341

Yacine Ouldchikh

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of RBC

By: Selin Sen, Julie Vertzayias, Gasia Yenikomouchian, Sonia Religa & Yacine Ouldchikh Thank you! RISK PYRAMID Introduction 1 12 COMMUNICATION E-mails Instant Messaging with Office Communicator (TSX, NYSE:RY) Tellers Managers Branch Manager Regional VP Regional President President of department CEO The Board of Directors 1- Strategic Planning
2- Identification of Risk
3- Internal Control Becoming more horizontal and less vertical
Dividing the departments according to geographical location
Expanding to more locations internationally Organizational structure vs. External environment Organization as a MACHINE VS. LIVING ORGANISM -Specific Tasks
-Reporting to managers and supervisors
-Filling out the reports -Communication throughout the organization
-Horizontal and Vertical Structure Major Forces of External Environment Political:
No involvement in politics or religious aspects Social:
Blue Water Program
Jantzi Fund
Proud sponsor of the Olympics
“king of the jungle”= leader of the “ financial world”

• Strength
• Conservatism
• Royalty
• Wealth
• Internationalism 2001 SLOGANS “ Advice you can count on”
‘’The helpful bank’’ Service: Knowing customer needs and wants.

Teamwork: ‘‘Winning together as a team’’

Responsibility: 1) Social
2) Environmental

Integrity: Being honest and trustworthy. (continued) Diversity: RBC Diversity Blueprint: Respect and appreciation of differences in identity.
Diversity objectives are:
• To be a recognized leader in workforce diversity
• To be the financial institution of choice for diverse clients
To leverage diversity for the growth of RBC and the success of the clients.
‘‘Diversity for growth and innovation’’ Occasions and Celebrations RBC Black history month

LGBT week: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender week

The RBC Hometown Champions Celebrations Foundations Centraide : RBC raised $102,000 for the neediest people in our community in 2011.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: RBC donated $350,000 to JDRF in 2005.
  Public Image Advice givers


Perfect Financial Review Approachable

Non-risk takers (last mover)

Environmentally Friendly Building a North American Identity and growing in North America: ‘‘Best Retail Bank in North America’’ (2012)
Only Canadian bank to win an award by ‘‘Retailer Bank International’’
RBC’s success --> builds public confidence. Organizational Networks Daily huddles (20 minutes)
Weekly meeting (1hour)
Weekly meeting for sales team (1 hour)
Quarterly meeting
Regional call (VP to staff members)
Gala : End of the year
Launch every beginning of year (Nov. 1st to Oct. 31st) HOW? WHY? Vast organization with many different functions and divisions
In order to accomplish tasks fast and proficient
Constant change, new products/services, promotions Informal Communication Advice Network
Work communicator ,E-mail (managers available in another branch)
Employee websites (uncover any conflicts they are being faced.)
Communication Network
Telephone (direct number to each of RBC’s departments, in order to help identify the gaps in the information flow) “Managers can’t be everywhere at once, nor can they read people’s minds.” It’s the informal communication that “kicks in” in order to resolve work problems. Network Analysis Outside Stakeholders:
Do not own the organization and are not employed by it, but have some interest in it Stakeholders “Our goal is to behave with integrity every day, in every transaction, in every part of our business, sustaining our company’s long-term viability, being transparent and accountable, and helping build a better future for our stakeholders.” “Our goal is to behave with integrity
every day, in every transaction, in every
part of our business, sustaining our company’s
long-term viability, being transparent and
accountable, and helping build a better future
for our stakeholders.” Customers Strive to meet our clients’ financial needs
Innovative products
Efficient attention to complaints
Use client feedback to make product and service improvements (Survey, yearly review) Vital Stakeholder; Their money and contribution to the organization reflects the value they feel for the organization. 5 Core Values Partners but RBC can’t share ANY confidential information without the clients’ consent. Real Estate and maintenance Repair Security and Telecom IP
RBC has a designated procurement group responsible for sourcing products/services Suppliers The government has all the claims on RBC Most of their products/services follow a set of rules and laws
Mortgage rules
LOANS (Student) Government $50 million donations program supporting not-for-profit organizations that protect watersheds and provide or ensure access to clean drinking water. A leader in corporate responsibility
Treat their commitment to communities.

Invested and donate worldwide:
After-school programs
Health care initiatives
Economic development (Blue Water Project)
Sponsorship of amateur athletics (Olympics) Community Thank you for listening!
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