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Media Violence

Media and Society: A critical Perspective Ch.9

Andaika Jean-Noel

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Media Violence

The Problem of Media Violence By: Andaika Jean-Noel Definition of Media Violence. Real Life Violence Media Violence Correlation between the Media & Violence Causality Of Violence in the Media? Types of Media Violence The author implies that the research, and data collected suggests that while no direct causality can be found there is definite correlation between the media and violence in America. Reasons for Violence in the Media There are various arguments made to belittle the problem of violence in the media. 1) While the studies cannot directly prove the correlation between media violence and real life violence it strongly highlights the possibilities.

2)Most of the data collected concludes that the people the most affected are children/adolescents, it also suggests that adults are not immune to the dangers. The different kind of violence present in the media are one of the many reasons researchers cannot find a causality link between Violence and the media.
Some might agree that dealing with human and their characteristically changing traits also makes it difficult to "determine causal relations between anything." Violence is present in many if not all media outlet. In order to understand the extent of the media it is important to be familiar with the different types: Proposed Solutions "Depiction of overt physical action that hurts or kills or threaten to do so."
Signorelli & Gerbner What is it about? 2) Some say it is a "harmless Cathartic." 1)The outlets claim that they are giving the people what they want 3) No real causal effect about violence can be linked to the Media. The Effect of Media violence Media as News Broadcast Media as Television Media as TEXTS This is likely one of the most dangerous form of media. The broadcasting media reports live violence. Constantly this media outlet instills fear in its viewers and might at time lead people to believe that "the world is a very dangerous place." Violence in television has a direct impact on the young children and adolescents. It nurtures in their subconscious a character prone to violence. While texts are not as involved as broadcasting and television they are not any less dangerous. It is important to understand that the imagination is a powerful thing. When a person constantly challenges their imagination to visualize the violence written in books they are constantly experiencing the effect as if they were actually viewing it in televisions shows or broadcasting. 1) While the media cannot be proven to be the cause of the violence, they influence the public greatly. Henceforth, a reduction of violence in the various medias might prove to be a noticeable leap in reducing violence in real life.
2) Parents should pay a closer attention to the shows their children watch, and consequently help shelter them from the constant exposure to violence they experience through television.
3) It is important that the adults are also aware of the statistics, and their own behavior after hours of reading/watching violent materials.
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