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Coming of Age

No description

Staci Clement

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Coming of Age

Take a second to write down any ideas that you have in regards to the phrase, "Coming of Age"
For example you may write: How old someone is...
Coming of Age is basically the time period of which you are no longer a child, but are not quite considered an adult.

People "come of age" at different times and ages.
What a person goes through during that transition time makes and molds who they become as an adult.
What makes a novel, movie, television show, etc... fall into the coming of age theme?

Who will be the characters?
What might be the conflict?
What might be the resolution?
How does this scene show how this film is characterized as Coming of Age?
The Hunger Games
How does this scene show a Coming of Age experience?

How will this experience
change the character?
The Fault in our Stars
How is this film a Coming of Age film?

What are some life-changing
events that occur in this preview?
Now that we have discussed Coming of Age in detail, I would like for you to define it in your own words in your notes.
Goal= Understanding of Coming of Age as a theme for literary work!

Coming of Age
What does that mean?
On the board I have 3 categories labeled:

you still have
about it

you have
of it and feel semi-confident about understanding it

you feel as though you could explain it or
it someone else.

On your given post-it, I want you to place it under one of the categories on the board as I call your row!
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
How is this a coming of age film?

**Give specifics!
Harry Potter
How could you "prove" this should be in the coming of age genre?
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