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eLearning Presentation

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Diana Hughes

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of eLearning Presentation

The Traditional

What do you get?

Diana Hughes, eLearning Teacher
Shereen Miller, eLearning Contact
A Presentation on:

Connecting to your eLearning students
Creating a course (IDC) to serve a different population

The Proposal...

TVDVA currently caters to the following:
unable to attend a traditional school
(medical, competitive sports, pregnancy, etc.)
•Students who
need lost credits to graduate
•Students who have
limited programming
•Students who choose to
reach ahead
(ex. CHV and GLC for Gr. 9s)
By offering a thesis course we would be able to appeal to:

Enriched/gifted students
who would benefit from an opportunity to study in a self-guided way and to gather more specific academic skills
•Students looking to
extend upon or delve into topics
studied in less detail in previous courses
•Students with
specific topics of interest
that are not otherwise covered in high school curriculum
•Students who
struggle in some classes but have strengths in other subject areas
•Students looking
to stand out
in the competitive world of post-secondary entrance criteria
So, who was is in the class?
25 students
not many identified gifted, but many 'self-starters'
Attrition due to confusion on topic, and lack of motivation.
Students are quitting, rather than me dropping them
A few who are no longer in a day school
Take a minute to think about your current
(or most recent) eLearning class by
breaking them down into
'average' and
'gifted/reach-ahead' learners.
They had
of topics (including dragons):
Abortion/women's rights
The Importance of historical accuracy in film
Food crisis
Fashion (x2)
Western Hegemony
The value of religious beliefs in children
Animal communication
Functionality of the Indian caste system
The portrayal of Autism in the media
Developing an Anti-malarial drug
From proposal to D2L:
what was I thinking?

I phoned the help line frequently...
The Process...

I am a social science teacher.

I expect student to be able to write research papers.

The problem is that I expected them to arrive knowing how.
1. Breaking down the writing process into linear steps.
2. Phoning smart English colleagues.
3. The internet!
4. The curriculum documents (yes, here on purpose.)
5. Now come the other tasks, all valid, but secondary
Questioning skills
What motivates you?
History of libraries
Analyzing famous pieces of writing
Famous people from their discipline
Shereen Miller
Weekly modules
Open Sat 12:01 AM
Due Fri 11:59 PM
Each week has a lesson and a number of tasks
The plan:
I wanted them to have all of the skills for writing the paper, and then three dedicated weeks to write it.
Paper + Defense = 30%
News Postings: Twice weekly (Saturday and Wed)
Some of their writing is phenomenal:
If I won the lottery…
I would feel a disappointment bordering on shame, because winning the lottery is a matter of absolute randomness therefore representing ill-begotten gains. I have no objection to wealth in so far as it a representation of success within our society; I just hate to see money arbitrarily handed out when there is such great global inequity—money should be a reward for societal service, or provided as a means of basic sustenance. I also believe the lottery is the epitome of our misguided and manic pursuit of wealth and status.
A lesson on asking great questions and making deep observations...
- Were the crosses placed in such a remote area because they want to be forgotten or because people wanted to leave them in a “peaceful” area?

- The grass is dry and lifeless, which reflects the state of the people buried under it. The only living things are the flowers left by visitors.
- Is there value in preserving some of the old structures (such as the stone walls) and adding on new structures around it, or should the old be moved aside for easier construction?
I think that its really interesting how this picture is titled "Vision" and how from the position of the photographer, its almost like the viewer's vision is focused on the beautiful scenery, like the top and bottom of the photo are there on purpose to direct your eyes to what lays beyond, to take in the entirety of it all.
- Why do some of the ghost-like creatures appear happy? Are their various expressions representative of the judgemental nature of art and how this building could be considered a masterpiece or a crime? Do they represent how street art is not properly appreciated?
- The solemn sky and collapsed roof indicate that this area could frequent poor weather. Thus, a hurricane or other tropical storm may be responsible for the building's damage. If this area is often hit by severe storms, the ghost-like creatures may even represent the struggles of the community in maintaining the foundations they have built.
What types of activities are included?
Dropboxes each week
Quizzes (2), Discussions
Adobe Connect - oral defense
Would like to use Smart Ideas
Built-in anti-plagiarism is FABULOUS!
Created a permission form as a handout/dropbox.
Refused to mark work without it!
Copyright Concerns:
The first time through is never the best
Using links for external content to circumvent the copyright issue
make a quick connection at the beginning of the semester by calling each student
In the "NEWS" as Voki voice mail...
Or You Tube videos...
Skype Hours a.k.a Office Hours
of course, use the LMS pager and email functions
Weekly Connections...
Weekly Connections...
Weekly Connections...
Diana Hughes
Monthly/Unit Connection
Adobe Connect
Making HUMAN Connections...
How do you truly connect with your online students?
Please share !!
Add a Little

Make a News posting for every single day
(or dated for "sets of days")
As much as possible,
prep your entire course before it begins.
Mr. T. Kartye TVDSB
Managing and Connecting
Use the Course Calendar
- this helps students keep on track

Assignments and Discussions
-pick and choose
-send an email to each guidance counselor attached to the students
to introduce yourself

-each week pick 5 or 10 students
that you email just to check in
with them
If you would like to add an Avatar like VOKI to your course home page please go to
to set up an account as we will have time to add this at the end of the presentation!
If you have an ipad download the App
for a different avatar
Weekly Connections Continued...
Announcements from Tellegami...
THANK YOU for your time!

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