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Communication formats

No description

Jaak Henno

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Communication formats

(html, word) Styles
(Word, Openoffice Write) Text formatting
should not mix with container level,
i.e. container window resizing should not cripple layout = spaces, line feeds etc ARE NOT for formatting
they are separators! free space around headers,
placing images inside text
making impossible
last-line headers (headers on the last line of page)
first-line image captions (image captions on the first line of page, while the image itself remains on the previous page)
- use STYLES! page formatting can/does not know about container! page: A4,A3,A6 or Letter screen: 1024x768, 2024x1028, iPod the text should be readable everywhere! Text Text presentation levels:
container (page,screen)
characters streamed text
(www-page) 1. container: formatting: book, browser page text as picture
(.pdf, postscript) Video in live communication
communication intensity
is 10000...10000x higher
than in canned communication -
thts why we still go to
theatre, (stupid) meetings, conferences... static text
(book page) Series of (static) images comixes visual novels Animations(static) - Disney Interactive animations(flash) Programmed interactions (games) Non-visual
(music) Communication Canned Live like this (stored
using some media) or this people have TV-sets
home cinema
videoplayers why they still go to
Theatre ? asd http://heileen-a-trip-to-bavaria.fupa.com/
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