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archie comics

info on archie comics

aaliyah reyonlds

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of archie comics

archie comics ! archie comics have been around since 1900 with the great charaters betty cooper,veronica lodge , reggie mantel, jughead jones and the one and only ARCHIE ANDREWS! Betty Cooper a sweet girl always leaved in riverdale and lived right next to.... Archie Andrews a red headed boy who all the girls love and the person the love's him the most... veronica lodge she is a very rich girl and she has a very rich daddy all the boys like her but ther only one boy the dose not that is ... jughead jones he is a boy how loves and i mean LOVES to eat he also is archie's best friend they very alike they even have the same enemys like... Reggie Mantel his head is full of air he thinks every girl in the world like's (so not ture!) and that every one wants to be his friend also not true but he is kinda a nice guy
( once in about 5 years !) thats pretty nice reggie DID YOU KNOW THAT? In real life ther is a band called archies so in the comics thre reader made archie and his friends have a band a they called them the archies one of the comics classic song for ther old tv show is named every things archie everythings archie places you can buy archie comics 1. zellers 2. the drug store in shoppers
world 3.super store 4.a comic store in toronto called comics classic
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