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Five Themes of Geography: India

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Julia Runkle

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography: India

Five Themes of Geography: India
The physical and human characteristics different from other places
1. What is this country's official name, size, and population?

2. What religions, languages, and ethnic groups are found in this country?

3. Describe this country's climate and weather patterns.
Relationships with Places:
How humans interact with the environment
1. How have the people in this place adapted to the climate?

2. How do people of this country use their natural resources?

3. How do the people of this country make their living?
The movement of people, places, information, and ideas
1. Where do the majority of people live in this country?

2. How are goods, services, and people transported within this country?

3. How have traditions and customs passed from one generation to another?
The exact location on Earth's surface
1. What are the latitude and longitude of this country?

2. Where is this country located in relation to other countries, continents, or landforms?

3. What are this country's major cities, landforms, and resources?
How regions form and change
1. What kind of government does this country have?

2. What political regions are located in this country?

3. What are some of the major tourist attractions found in this country?
This PowerPoint is on The Five Themes of Geography in India (as you can probably tell from the title). I will tell you location, place, relationships within places, movement, and regions of India. Let's take a closer look at India throughout this PowerPoint using The Five Themes of Geography. I hope you learn a lot!!!
Location (continued)
1. India's latitude and longitude coordinates are 21° N, and 78° E.
2. On the right of this country is Thailand. Pakistan and Afghanistan are on it's left. China is above India.
3. Some major cities are Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Major landforms include the Himalayas and the Andaman Islands, and major resources include iron ore, bauxite, and copper ore.









Place (continued)
1. This country's official name is the Republic of India, and the 1.269 million sq miles are home to 1.237 billion as of 2012.
2. Some religions include Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Most people in India speak either Hindi or English. Ethnic groups include Dravidian and Indo-Aryan.
3. India has scorching summers from April until October. It usually becomes very cold in December and January.
Relationships with Places (continued)
Movement (continued)
1. Most people in India live in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.
2. Goods, services, and people are transported by trains, cars, planes, and boats most of the time, just like us.
3. Children almost always learn from their parents, so when songs are sung, and languages are spoken, and food is cooked, the children learn how to do it themselves. The key to passing down traditions is this, and also the people surviving thousands of years.
Regions (continued)
1. This country has a representative democracy, which means that representatives speak for the people.
2. Some political regions in this country are Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala.
3. Some major tourist attractions in India are the Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves, and Kanha National Park.
1. People have adapted to the climate by wearing clothes that fit the weather. They wear the kurta, which is a long loose shirt, which would work on days that aren't too hot, but not too cold.
2. Iron ore is used to make steel for buildings. Copper is used for electricity, such as getting computers to work.
3. People make their living just as any other country. Technology, construction, and car companies are just some of the few of the jobs.
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One of the most populated countries in the world, India is rich in culture and tradition. It is a place of great diversity and amazing beauty. I hope to visit it one day. I hope my presentation inspires you to visit one day, too.
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