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Enders Game

No description

Lacey Lyons

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Enders Game

Battle School count...
Ender has to play a computer game to show his powers. This computer game is called The Giants Drink. Of course Ender beats the game by stabbing the giant in the eye ball. Graff is impressed by Ender and his success. Ender is very quickly promoted to the Rat Army. Ender goes to battle with his other launchies and hurts four other boys. Ender has a hard time coping with himself when he harms people, and imagines him self as his brother Peter.
Graff is furious that the computer game gave Ender the image of Peter. Meanwhile Valentine has not forgotten about Ender and misses him very much. Ender is promoted to command an army because Ender has been happy and playing well, and the I.F. and Graff want him to struggle. Graff makes Ender commander of Dragon Army where he meets Bean. Bean is a small, intelligent, and brave little boy who reminds Ender of him self. Ender puts Bean in charge of finding strategies to win the game. Enders army is very good at battle, and is a very strong army who can defeat almost any other. Ender is a very good commander and has the boys very well trained. Then Ender begins to study videos of the first and second invasion to learn strategy.
Battle School count....
At the end of the day Bean and Ender meet at Enders room to talk. Ender tells Bean that they are trying to find the best soldier to fight the buggers. The next day Ender is training his boys. Petra trys to warn Ender that Dink has left a note for him. At the end of the day Ender goes to bed without showering and wakes up just before lunchtime. When Ender gets to the showers he finds himself surrounded by seven boys and leading the seven boys is Bonzo. Bonzo is ready to fight and he jumps at Ender. Ender hits Bonzo in the face with the top of his head, Bonzo doesn't fights back. Then Ender kicks Bonzo to the ground where he lays motionless. Right after the fight Ender has to take his army to battle. Ender is stressed and does not want to proceed with the games.
By: Lacey, Marisa, Zach, and Maurice

When we meet Ender and his two siblings (Peter and Valentine), we learn that Ender is a six year old boy and is also a
. Ender had a monitor placed on the back of his neck by the Government, so they could follow him throughout his everyday life. When Ender turned six he had his monitor removed. The Governmet wanted to see how Ender would act without his monitor. But most importantly, the Government wanted to control Ender.
Battle School
When Ender is first recruited by the International Fleet, he was taken to the first step in his training for the war. The I.F.'s Battle School. Graff wastes no time in isolating Ender from others. At first Ender has a hard time dealing with the change in his life and getting used to having no friends.
Enders Game
When Ender went to school one day,a kid named Stilson was bullying Ender. Ender decided to beat him up in a way that he would never forget. He defeated Stilson very quickly and brutally. The Government saw this and wanted Ender to attend Battle School to learn how to fight the buggers.
Ender decided to go to battle because he did not want to have to deal with Stilson everyday at school.
Battle School count.....
Ender decided to go home and take a break from Battle School. When he gets back to Earth he goes to see his sister Valentine. The two go down to the lake to talk. Valentine can tell that Ender is stressed and very tired. She convinces Ender that he must return to school to be able to save mankind and defeat the buggers (She only does this under Graff's threats to expose her as Demosthenes). Ender has no choice but to go back and train to defeat the buggers, but he hates himself because he feels he is like Peter. Graff picks Ender up to go back to Battle School and once again Ender has to leave Valentine.
When Ender gets to Command School he mostly spends his time working with the simulator. One day Mazer Rackham introduces himself by attacking Ender. He explained to him that the only enemy is the teacher. Together they watch videos of the first and second invasion. Enders teacher explains weapons and battleships to Ender. Then he is moved to a new simulator where Ender must command an entire fleet at once. Mazer tells him that this is to prepare for more complex battles. Ender is winning everything and spends countless hours on the simulator.When he is finished, Ender is tired and lonely. That night Ender has nightmares of killing people. Then one day Mazer tells Ender that this is his final examination. Ender does not want to play but decides to go on. Ender wins the battle. The Mazer Rackham explains to Ender that the battle was the real third invasion and that he had just killed off every last bugger. Ender does not celebrate because he feels that he acted just like Peter would have. Ender killed millions of people unknowingly. He is angry with Mazer and Graff for lying to him. Ender Wiggin becomes a genius and hero on Earth.
Command School
When Ender and Valentine arrive at Eros, what was originally a bugger world, they set up a colony, of which Ender is the leader. For a long time they live nomally on the planet and study how the buggers used to live and the other life on Eros. Then one day Ender is informed that a second group of people will come to colonize. He is to find a place they can settle. But while searching he comes across a place he knew, only to discover the larva of a queen bugger, asking for his help. Ender puts it upon himself to find a safe place that she can go so the bugger civilization can grow again. In the very end he presents himself to all humans as the Speaker for the Dead.
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