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How Electric Guitars Work

This presentation will show and tell how electric guitars fundementally work.

Kelley van Rooyen

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of How Electric Guitars Work

magnetic pickups on an electric guitar sense vibration and turn it into sound How Electric Guitars work by Kelley van Rooyen What is an Electric Guitar? Why is it Called the Electric Guitar? An electric guitar is a guitar that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert vibrations of its metal strings into electric audio signals. Parts of the Electric Guitar Because it transforms the vibrations of the strings into electric current, and this is the current that is sent to the amplifier. The Most Important Part The most important part of the electric guitar is the pickups. These are responsible for turning the strings mechanical vibrations into electricity, so that they can be sent to the amplifier for everyone to hear. What are the pickups? The pickups are basically six magnets wrapped with a very fine copper wire coil, thinner than human hair. This copper wire is wound around the magnet some 7200 times. Uncoiled, it would stretch the length of eight football fields. Guitar Knobs Volume knob evenly changes your volume output, while the tone knob controls how much of the higher frequencies are filtered out. The tone knob works with a capaciter which is responsible for filtering out the high frequencies. There is sometimes more than one volume or tone knob on a guitar, each volum and tone knob is used for a different pickup. If you prefer having only one tone knob and one volume knob, you can get a guitar with a pickup selector switch. This switches between pickups, making the volume and tone knobs control whichever pickup you are using. THE END How do the Pickups Convert the Vibrations to Electric Current? The vibrating strings cut through the field of the magnets in the pickup, producing a signal in the pickup's coil which is sent through the guitars circuit. The circuit looks something like this Pictures and information from Howstuffworks.com The upper variable resistor adjusts the tone and filters out higher frequencies. The second resistor controls the amplitude(volume) of the signal that reaches the jack.
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