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Paul Gauguin :)


macey hansen

on 22 December 2009

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Transcript of Paul Gauguin :)

Paul Gauguin :) Tahitian Landscape Pairs- June 7th 1848

1848- 1903

May 8th
Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

influenced by Impressionism but took art in other directions
more emotionally charged


key influence on the history of art

Synthetism and Cloisonism (2-D blocks of pure color with black edging)

Primitivism (a form of tribal art style)

Tahitian Landscape Tahiti

Oils on Canvas

Man and dog


Happy :) Paul Gauguin

[by Macey Hansen] btw everyone should switch to 7th cuz
thats where ill be next semesterrr :) lol Thats all
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