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"Codeity" Installation proposal

No description

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of "Codeity" Installation proposal

"Are We God"
The installation

The output of the processing sketch will be projected 360 dgrees around the inside and outside of the cocoon. This will create a internal view of what the user has created in isolation. It will also put the unique representation on display for social consumption

"Are we God?" is an installation that users interact with to investigate the scientific and cultural definitions of "God's essence" in order better understand our evolving relationship with Deity. The instillation alsows the participant to both create like a deity and present like one thus asking the quest are they a Deity? Are we all Deity's by our nature?
Processing Sketch

There are two parts to the processing sketch. The interface/input and the output. The input consists of simple algorthym that utilizes string theory and number combinations of 19 (number of words in the Quran's first revelation). There will be a GUI that will present altering the algorthm in a building block fashion with the ability to enter individual numbers. An open processing "tweek" gives an example of the stile of graphic representation
The project consists of a cocoon like sphere made of white double sided projection screen. Upon entering the sphere one in confronted by a simple computer interface. (White keyboard and 8bit monitor)

A simple interface consisting of a translucent screen displaying the 8 bit GUI, numeric keypad, and mouse for navigating the building block code and inputing 1-19, multiples of 19, and random multiples. The building blocks coincide with specified pieces of processing code and the numbers with different variables.
User Interaction
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