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King Penguin

King Penguin

Kevin Lopez

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of King Penguin

Temperature. -If the ice starts to melt certain areas in the polar region, they could migrate to another area that is not affected.

-If the whole polar area is affected they can die. Common and Scientific name. Common name: King Penguin King Penguin By: Kevin Lopez
6th period- IB Biology
03/15/13 Scientific name: Apenodytes patagonicus Breeding Sites Food Supply Territory Has one of the longest breeding cycles. If their land is taken away, then they will not be able to reproduce comfortably. Main food supply is anything that is meat. If the squids or fish die it will start to die because these are some of the only organisms that live in these polar regions that they can catch. -They need large land to be able to live in their colonies. If the land is taken away they would have to migrate somewhere else.
-Breeding pairs defend an area that is approximately 0.5 square meters against neighboring king penguins and predators. Niche The King Penguin lives in subantarctic islands
at the northern reaches of Antarctica, South Georgia,
and other temperate islands of the region. Food Chain Penguins Fish Krill Phytoplankton COMPETITION Snowy Sheathbill, they steal fish and krill
from the King Penguin. Herbivory They eat fish which eat krill. That krill eats phytoplankton, which
are autotrophs. They produce organic compounds by photosynthesis. Predation. They are prey to the Leopard sea. They can even hunt down
a penguin at sea. Parasitism Mutualism It doesn't really have a mutual
relationship with another animal. Water -If the ice melts then the penguins can die because, they do not have land to rest.

-Or they will migrate to somewhere else. -The Hard tick,can infest inside an adult penguin.
-The Bird Louse, is the most common type of parasite found in King Penguins.
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