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About Haiku's!

Vineta Zveja

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Haiku

A haiku is piece of poetry that was created in Japan.
An haiku is often written in three short lines.
They're written in the present tense.
It's good to include one or more senses such as sound, smell, taste or touch, and not just what we can see.
Haiku don't tell, or merely describe, they allow the reader to enter the poem in their own way.
How does a Haiku work
Every haiku has 17 syllables.
There are 3 lines in a haiku.
5 syllables at the top,
7 syllables in the middle,
and another 5 at the bottom.
How do you make a Haiku
A haiku is like a snap shot of something.
It usually is something to do with the seasons.
Embrace nature and fantasize about the seasons and what they do.
To count the syllables, use your fingers or clap your hands so you don't over-do the wording.
Where to find inspiration
If you are stuck for ideas or have writers block, sit outside with a notebook and gather ideas.
Ask a friend to give you random sentences to manipulate.
Keep yourself relaxed, otherwise you will not get anywhere.
Crazy Haiku Facts
Over 1000 years ago in Japan, Tanka poetry was used as a game. One person created a 5-7-5 section, while another finished it off with a 7-7 ending.
The form of Haiku's originated in the 16th century.
Haiku's give the reader a chance to enter the poem on a deeper level, physical and emotional
My Haiku's
Pretty setting sun,
Says her sorrowful good bye,
The moon is ruler.
Let your mind wander to get ideas about nature
The last winter leaves
Clinging to the black branches
Explode into birds
High desert darkness,
Illuminates the White Star,
An angel awakes!
Think of things to do with the seasons to get ideas to make a haiku
Colourful flowers,
Beautifully singing,
In the Summer rain.
Quick paws are coming,
Through the forests fallen leaves,
Chasing little birds.
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