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Bryan Delphonse

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Overpopulation

The Big Picture
The first thoughts about overpopulation came in the early 1800s when the Malthus' Theory came up.
Back in the 1800s there were only around 1 billion people. Now we have over 7 billion people.
Although it isn't brought up much the population is said to peak by 2050.
How Overpopulation is Affecting Us
Every 2.8 seconds a new human is born and simultaneously every 1.6 seconds an acre of wild land is lost
Plants and Animals become extinct
Creates poverty and starvation in low income areas.
Loss of arable land
Higher crime rates and more wars between countries
Climate change from air and water pollution
What will it Mean for Our Future
There will be an overuse of natural resources that will result in a permanent loss of them.
There will be a higher demand for goods, land, and shelter.
Higher chance of conflict and war between people and groups due to overcrowding and need of resources.
As an attempt to save mankind there will be more restrictions put into place. Including some rights being taken away.
As a result of over crowding, other organisms will have a higher risk of being endangered or permanently extinct.
How to Solve the Problem.
Support organizations that are trying to stop the population growth.
Use resources wisely because they may be crucial in the future.
Work as a community to stop further overcrowding.
Spread the Word!
China & India
The two highest populated countries in the world.
Both with over 1 billion people each.
China is home to 16 of the top 20 worst air quality cites in the world due to overpopulation
India has almost 1,000 people per square mile
These two countries alone make up a third of the total population.
In conclusion, although overpopulation may not seem important to many people around the world, mostly the younger generation, it is still an impending problem. Although our population seems to be growing at a very slow rate, we are actually growing exponentially. There are different ways to combat this problem but because many people do not consider overpopulation to be such a major problem, not much is done about it by the majority of our population. We can all help by educating each other about this problem and just making simple and smart decisions to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.
What is Overpopulation?
Overpopulation is when the number of people in the world outweigh the resources of earth that people need to survive. People don't really think about what overpopulation is and what it will mean for our future. Overpopulation is rapidly becoming a global crisis
Overpopulation is mostly affecting low income, urban areas around the world. It may not seem like a problem now but this will begin to affect more and more people across the world.
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Sam Pettigrew, Bryan Delphonse, Josue Argueta, Jason Rivas
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