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Character Traits for Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz

No description

Fred Hein

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Character Traits for Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz

1. Dorothy noticed odd people.
2. She clasped her hands together in curiosity.
3. She was asking questions about the odd people surrounding her.
1. She helped the scarecrow get off the pole.
Character Traits for Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz
1. Dorothy had to ring the doorbell to get into Emerald City when everyone else was too scared.
2. Dorothy had to talk to the Great and Powerful Oz about her wish to get home.
3. She had to find her own way home without the wizard.
Dorothy's Character Traits
2. Dorothy helped oil the Tin man so he could move.
3. She also helped the Lion to get courage.
1. She had to walk on the yellow brick road.
2. She saw a ditch and didn't know how to get across.
3. She was brave when she had to defeat the wicked witch.
1. Dorothy thought that getting rid of the wicked witch would be easy.
2. Dorothy thought that the wizard would fix everything.
3. She thought that walking on the yellow brick path would be easy but there was a ditch but found a solution.
1. She was thankful for her wish coming true.
2. Dorothy was happy she came home safely to see Aunt Em.
3. She was thankful for Glinda helping her get to the wizard.
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