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The Rotary Foundation Grants

The New Grant Model of The Rotary Foundation, under the Future Vision plan

John Dehnel

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Rotary Foundation Grants

£1,000 Recreation area & garden for use of patients & visitors to Community Hospital
£500 medical equip. for a team to Philippines, cleft pallet and hare lip surgery
£250 Training a young leadership trainer
£1,500 Cheese testing equipment for village in Romania
£500 to provide Dictionaries for Life for year 6 pupils in Rushden Examples Local or international activities
Smaller activities and projects
Activities in one or more Areas of Focus
Local decision making with broader guidelines
Single “block” grant awarded annually
Rotarian participation
Financial controls
Reporting District Grants To enable Rotarians to advance
world understanding, goodwill & peace
through the improvement of health,
the support of education,
and the alleviation of poverty Rotary Foundation Mission Polio Eradication: Our Priority All children deserve to live in a polio-free world:
Support Rotary’s Challenge to Eradicate Polio Talk to the Foundation Committee International activities in conjunction with a partner “host” club
Larger projects – approx. £25,000 +

Activities in one or more Areas of Focus
Include active Rotarian participation
Adhere to stewardship guidelines Peace and conflict resolution
Disease prevention
Water & sanitation
Maternal & child health
Basic education & literacy
Economic development PolioPlus:
Our Priority Annual Fund
For Support Today Two Needs, Two Ways of Giving 350,000 cases
125 countries 1985 Polio Occurrence Every Club’s target:
$100 (£64) per member
Less than £5 per month The Rotary Foundation
of Rotary International Our Own Charity Doing Good in the World Grants District Support Every Rotarian Every Year Participate Contribute Annual Fund Permanent Fund
To Secure Tomorrow Rotary Scholarships End Polio Now Permanent Fund Grants Areas of Focus Funding Peace & Conflict Resolution Polio Mission Areas of Focus Sustainable High Impact ` Global Grants Support Securing Rotary's Future Legacies and Bequests Set goals
Educate and Advise
Publicise The Role of the Foundation Officer District Rotary Foundation committee
Future Vision District 1070 Club Manual
RI web site – www.rotary.org
District web site – www.rotary1070.org
Future Vision Pilot News
Brochures and leaflets Rotary Foundation Resources Rotary Peace Fellowships

PeaceJam – for schools Peace and Conflict Resolution V – one common theme
T – train or be trained
T – 1 Rotarian, min. 3 non-Rotarians Vocational Training Teams ` India has been free of new cases of polio for over 1½ years Latest Case Reports
(to 23rd October 2012) Polio Occurrence 2012 175 cases ytd
3 endemic countries
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