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The Subject and Medium of Art


Ire Mae

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Subject and Medium of Art

SUBJECT? Whatever is represented
or depicted in an artwork
is called a subject. Landscape It refers to any identifiable object, individual thing, place or event illustrated in a work of art. A subject answers
the questions: what is it? what is it about? However, but not all arts have subject. Some arts do not have any. Those arts with subject
are called OBJECTIVE or REPRESENTATIONAL ART. While those that do not have
are called NON-OBJECTIVE or
and CITYSCAPES Cityscape seascape landscape The physical environment
has always been the popular
subject used by artists. Animals Human figures, Portraits, Couples:
Traditionally, a human body, nude or
clothed is the sculptor's major subject. Everyday life or
genre "Batis" by Amorsolo They must illustrate
two main facets of life, the
easy-going lifestyle of the
nouveau riche and the
peasants STILL LIFE A category of subject matter
in which inanimate objects are used as subjects. Image of divinity Christian religion
largely influenced artist
since medieval art. Narration and Historical it's a storytelling implying
a series of events and dimensions of time beginning, middle and end. common in stained glass
and wall paneling of the
churches. Historical scenes such as EDSA
Revolution, Plaza Miranda bombing etc. Beautiful and Ugly
Subjects of Art What are fit subjects of art? Are there
certain subjects that are not allowed in
THE SUBJECT IN ART REALISM The work of art is realistic when the
presentation and organization of work
is detailed and seem natural. The function of an artist is
to illustrate as accurately
and honestly as possible
what he observed through
his senses. Abstraction Abstract means to move away
or to separate. An abtractionist does not represent
a cognizable object as it really exist He simplifies the elements of art to convey
his emotion for a particular subject or theme. He may use geometric figures,
alters colors, and normal
perspective depending upon
his intensity and his mood. Abstract artists do not need to
illustrate the subjects as an objective
or recognizable reality Distortion
- Exaggerating, twisting, and elongating forms are used to emphasize an intense
feeling to do this. It heightens dramatic impact
of a shape in figure. PIETA version of Eduardo
Castrillo at Loyola Memorial Park
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