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The British School System

No description

Katalin Varga

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of The British School System

3-4 years old
Nursery school
5-11 years old
Primary school
11-16 years old
16 years old
GCSE Examinations
16 years old
16-18 years
18 years
The British School System
Day care
Pre-school play-group

A primary school may be divided into two parts- infants & juniors.

Most boys and girls are taught together --> mixed schools.
Secondary school
School types
State Schools
Public Schools
93 %
paid by
curriculum set
by government
7 %
paid by
curriculum set
by schools
School subjects
General Certificate of Secondary Education

After 5 years of secondary education students take their national exams.

Then, they decide what kind of education they would like to follow based on the results of the examinations.
1 . Quit school- find jobs
2 . Go to special trainings
3. Continue studies:
in the sixth form

Different avenues at 16:
Sixth form
Learn 3 or 4 subjects
for two more years
Students prepare for 'A-levels'
General Certificate of Education-Advanced

Students take it who want to go to universities

Most students try to achieve 3 or 4 A-levels in the subjects they are very good at.

The two years spent in the Sixth Form are very important and often very stressful for British pupils.
3 years or more

Famous universities

Get a degree at a graduation ceremony

Oxford University
University of Cambridge
the University of Buckingham
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