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The Cay

No description

M2K Kids

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Cay

Chapters 1-3
German submarines came silently in the night, to the largest of the Dutch islands. The submarines blew up six lake tankers. The governor told everyone that no light could shine on the whole island, so they didn't get their homes attacked by the Germans. A boy named Phillip was torpedoed on a ship at about 3:00 in the morning on April 6, 1942. Phillip got on a life boat then passed out.
Chapters 4-6
When Phillip woke up he found himself on a boat with a man named Timothy and a cat named Stew Cat. Phillip was frightened. On the third day, Phillip heard a motor of a boat.
" We're going to be rescued!" Phillip thought. They had not been rescued. Early the next morning they had found an island. After they had found the island they realized Phillip was blind.
Chapters 7-9
After what they thought was an hour, they ran out of water. When they went fishing Timothy got bit in the arm by a baby shark. After Timothy had wrapped up his arm he made Phillip, who is blind, go weave the roof of their house. It took them several hours to tear out a big pile of tough vines.
Chapters 10-12
On their seventh night on the island a tropical storm came without warning. Since they had ran out of water, they put out their keg to be filled. After the storm had passed, Timothy made an old-fashioned cane for Phillip. The second night after the storm had passed, Timothy got a horrible fever and thought it was malaria. After a long time Timothy began to shiver again and again.
Chapters 13-19
In conclusion, it was in late May that Timothy thought that we might stay there forever. Timothy was searching the island and finally found a big bunch of calico scallops. At sunset, with the air heavy and hot, Timothy described the sky to Phillip. That very night, another tropical storm came, this time it came worse than the last. It was so bad, Timothy got hit in the head so hard, that he passed away. Phillip had collected a time can and put pebbles in it, to remember how long he was not with Timothy on the island. A couple days later, Phillip had been rescued by a boat. When Phillip got back home with his mom, he had surgery and got glasses. He could see again!
By: Theodore Taylor
The Cay
Made by: Karmen Wanchisn, Mackenzie Polunus, and Nicholas Miheli
About the author
The author is Theodore Taylor, he was born in North Carolina. He began writing when he was 13, as a club reporter. He left home at the age of 17 to join the Washington Daily. He became a NBC sports writer at the age of 19. That's about the author. Thank you!!
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